Penguins – Production process

Brief: The  brief was to create 3 fun / friendly looking penguins for a Winter Wonderland , to be used as props during the festive period and for many seasons to come. The penguins had to be strong enough to with-stand attention from children & to be moved around when necessary. Each penguin was individual and customized to our clients request.

penguins - production processpenguins - production process


penguins - production process


Step one: We carved the initial shapes of the penguins, each in a different position out of low density  polystyrene. Then we sanded any imperfections and fitted weight support in to the penguin’s feet to ensure stability.




Penguins - production process


Step 2: We spray applied hard coating polyurethane to the Winter wonderland creations. This application makes the sculptures extremely durable + water proof. Due to the high -tech  performance of this application we were able to apply the first base coat within minutes.



Penguins - production process


Penguins - production process

Penguins - production process


Final step: Once the base coat was dry, we airbrushed the penguins to the desired colors, made their jackets glittery black. Added all of the final details according to our clients request.


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