Our Services include:


  • Polyurethane and polyurea spray coatings & applications: The advanced technique we use, allows us to apply coatings and provide protection in  industrial, marine, steel and concrete materials and sectors.


  • Design consultation: To start with to make life easier for all businesses its enough for us to get basic drawings / design idea. Then we give you the best options & the most cost effective solution for your project.


  • Design: After consulting with you about  your design idea, putting images together we can work with you and make some drawings til we get to the design of your request and are happy to give us the green light.


  • 3d Visualization:  With larger or architectural elements and interior design – bespoke 3d wall panels  we advise our clients to create 3d visualization prior to manufacturing to ensure satisfaction.


  • Sculpting: We can sculpt from sketches, technical drawings, we can scale up models, reproduction models, we can sculpt in wood, stone, polystyrene, foam.


  • Coating of bespoke elements: We are happy to apply coatings on elements made from other manufacturers, artists & from the industrial sector, theme park elements, architectural parts.


  • Production: We produce bespoke creations but our facilities and techniques allows us to manufacture on a larger scale.


  • Airbrush spray painting with high quality lacquers: Due to our experience we are confident to airbrush up to detail and apply quality spray paints.


  • Installation: Each project we produce is individual. Some of the projects require built in installation systems  or functions which our expertise and experience enables us to deliver.


  • Possibility of hiring and storage: Due to our large workshop space we can store temporarily or on a longer term basis, projects which we have worked on if you require.


  • Restoration: Due to our experience we are more than happy to restore props, elements, sculptures, for more details of restorations please get in touch.


  • Delivery: We have our own transport facilities which enables us to deliver your project up to 6m in length at affordable rates.


         We are also happy to help with any unusual enquiries!