We have the capacity of 300m² in our workshop and work with high-tech equipment which enables larger production with fast turnaround times. Our number one aim is to help you as a company or an individual to gain positive media / public attention. To attract visitors and to inspire people. We can find a practical solution with the best visual impact for your concept.


We pride ourselves with our great production facilities for our clients. We are happy to take on smaller projects as well as projects of a larger scale with higher quantities. Our facilities allow us to create the first piece / prototype, mould processes in most suited way for the product outcome. From this point, we have the capability to manufacture production lines in our warehouse in Cornwall. Our high-pressure coating system allows us to manufacture high quality pieces with fast turnaround times.

Polyurethane and polyurea spray coatings & applications

We have over 15 years experience in the application process of these coatings, in the model making and in the industrial sector. Our state of the art machinery allows us to work on or off site. We are pleased to take on small jobs as well as large. If you are looking for a fast curing, long lasting & waterproof coating, which has many advantages over fiberglass, especially in fast application time and flexibility then we can help you with finding the best solution.

Airbrush spray painting with high quality lacquers

Due to our experience we are confident to airbrush up to detail and apply quality spray paints.


After consulting with you about your design idea, putting images together we can work with you and make some drawings til we get to the design of your request and are happy to give us the green light.

3d Visualization

With larger or architectural elements and interior design – bespoke 3d wall panels we advise our clients to create 3d visualization prior to manufacturing to ensure satisfaction.


We can sculpt from sketches, technical drawings, we can scale up models, reproduction models, we can sculpt in wood, stone, polystyrene, foam.


Each project we produce is individual. Some of the projects require built in installation systems or functions which our expertise and experience enables us to deliver.

CNC Cutting

As well as using CNC routing for our own projects we offer the CNC routing cutting service locally in Cornwall and nationally all accross the UK.

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