Large letters & 3d logos

large 3d outdoor letters

We can create large 3d  letters suitable for  both indoors & out doors. The materials used usually depend on the requirements of the project.

However most often  the letters are cut out from EPS, mdf, coated with  FR Polyurea

Primed & spray painted to pantone colours required by client. We can also  create a custom base for the large letters. The letters are cut with accuracy &  speed with our CNC router.

We create letters for marketing. special display, all events such as product launches, graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, brand awareness, window display and theatre productions.

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large 3d letters stand

Relish Events – 2m in lenght large letters 

We were commissioned by Relish events to create the colourful letters with the stand.

The letters are cut out from EPS for accuracy and speed, mdf applied to front and back face.

The podium is made out of coated plywood. Project also includes clear acrylic for a seamless look

We applied FR polyurea coating which is both suitable for the outdoors & indoors display.

We then primed and spray painted the letters white. Final finish vinyl application with a colourful gradient effect

Im digital large letters prop

Scan Lab  –  Large letters

We were commissioned by Scan Lab to create the large letters for their Exhibition display.

We CNC cut the large letters out of eps, coated with FR polyurea which is both water & impact resistant.

Once coated the letters were primed and spray  painted white

large 3d letters

N20 – Giant Diet coke letters

We worked with N20 agency to create the custom letters. The large 3d letters were cut out of EPS and connected together. We applied FR polyurea (water & impact resistant coating )on to the letters followed by sanding to smooth and prep for primer. The letters were spray painted to requested to bright and fresh top coat colours. We letters were mounted on a thin base for practicality.

Large 3d letters graduation prop #stirgrad

Large 3d letters –  Graduation prop Stirling university

We CNC cut the large 3d letters #STIRGRAD from polystyrene, coated with FR polyurea which is both water & impact resistant coating. The letters have a discreet base which is also coated with the waterproof coating.

Once coated and sanded the letters were primed & spray painted to the universities chosen  branding colours. As well as creating the letters we can also prepare the file for CNC cutting.

CNC cut large 3d logo prop

3d UBS group logo – PDS

We were commissioned  by PDS to create the 3d logo to be used at a live event. The intricate 3d logo is CNC cut from modelling board. The 300mm deep logo had to be free standing and includes a discreet base. Once CNC cut it was constructed  together and the imperfections filled and sanded we spray painted the 3d logo to a brilliant white.

Giant I letter, information sign

Giant letter “i” Free standing sign – Kingston University – Size 1.90m

We created the giant letter sign for Kingston University to use and to make an information point more visible and eye catching. Carved by hand out of polystyrene. Any imperfections sanded. Transparent acrylic strip fitted in between the letter and dot. Concrete weight support fitted at the bottom of the letter for stability. Application of Hard coating polyurethane to ensure the letter will be waterproof and will last. As a finish the giant letter was spray painted with the desired colour number.

Large 3d letters of Fantastic mr Fox

Custom letters – TR2 Theatre Royal Plymouth

We were commissioned by TR2 to create the  large 3d letters.
The letters were cut out from polystyrene, coated with FR polyurea and primed ready for TR2 to finish. The largest letters 1.6m high and the smaller 1.2m high


MUM Letters – PDS

We were commissioned by PDS to create the letters for special display.

The letters were CNC cut out of polystyrene with a front face with mdf.

Painted to the pantone colours supplied

large 3d letters made from mdf and birch plywood

Then Now Always – View Point Photography

We were commissioned by View point Photography to create the large 3d  letters. The focus point of the letters was to be as seamless as possible & made out of birch ply wood + mdf. With our  CNC router we cut out the letters and constructed them by hand. The letters were filled to be as smooth as possible with a seamless crisp white finish.

large 3d letters in blue

EHS – Edge Hotel School

We were commissioned by Edge hotel school to create the letters. We created the 1.50m high letters out of CNC cut EPS coated with FR polyurea which is both water and impact resistant. Primed  & spray-painted different shades of blue. The large letters were used for Edge hotel schools open day.

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