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5 top reasons to use props for exhibitions

Why use props for exhibitions ?


Take a look at our list of 5 top reasons to use props for exhibitions

  1. To stand out from the crowd and to attract new  potential clients
  2. Props are great for product launches. A larger version of the product can highlight the unique design
  3. Great for photo opportunities
  4. Adds a fun factor to businesses  + its great to be open minded
  5. Helps create a talking point

Take a look at some of the exhibition props we have created

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Giant shoe props


Take a look at some of the giant shoe props we have created!

Large shoe props are a great & fun way of engaging with your customers and the public.

The larger then life props create a memorable  brand awareness & highlighting the original design + details of the shoe  whilst taking us away from everyday life!

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Dragon props

We loved working with INCA productions for these custom themed elements.We created a large Dragons egg custom DJ booth, various smaller eggs & a dragon with red eyes. All elements were hand carved, coated with FR polyurea, primed and spray painted / decorated.The custom props were used at an exclusive  Halloween event Annabelle’s in Mayfair London.
Take a look at some pictures of this project. We are truly thankful to our amazing team and suppliers  for helping us make this happen!



2019 Custom Projects!

As we are pretty much in the festive season and getting closer to the amazing year 2020

It’s a good time to reflect back on the exciting custom projects that we have worked on this year!

Realistic Artificial Trees: A great project we worked on in early 2019 is the realistic  trees we created with TR2 production studios.  It was a great pleasure to work with TR2 on this project. We created 7 realistic artificial trees in various sizes ranging from 2m to 5 m high

We created many large letter projects: This year we have tried our best to cut down on the polystyrene letters as much as possible and are offering more from either birch ply wood or mdf in order to be more environmentally friendly.


Living couches: We worked with Scarlett entertainment to create 2 custom living couches to be used by performers at their events on cruise ships.

Retail design props & retail event props projects:

Linda farrow  Custom plinths, Linda Farrow life is a circus custom elements

Elle weekender events at the Westfield shopping centre: We loved working with Westfield on these vibrant larger then life make up props on their makeup fun fair concept.


Dragon themed props for Anabelles London: It was a pleasure to work with Inca  Productions for their exclusive Halloween party at London’s Mayfair


October was an exciting  time when we had the opportunity of creating Virgin Atlantic’s iconic red cabin crew shoes used at the Attitude awards 2019, the shoe props are now displayed at Virgin HQ offices in London.

We loved working with the inspiring Holly & Co who promote small businesses  and creatives all around. We created for  them a custom coin for their vote with your money campaign which proves that if you shop small you can make a big difference in this world

In the summer we created 2m headphones for their Conversation of Inspiration events

We created a bright red light up resin art seat according to our clients design – Alex Hobbs garden design

We created a pointe ballet shoe prop for our client Bloch


Christmas sleighs of 2019!

We Created Christmas sleighs for Dreamland Margate, Armagh Planetarium & Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh


We cant wait to see what exciting projects 2020 will bring!

What we are excited about is developing our processes, advanced CNC cutting for product making and creating incredible art projects.


We would like to say a big thank you to all who have helped us this year, our amazing team, suppliers and wonderful clients who we enjoyed working with. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & a happy, healthy, prosperous 2020!


Large make up props – Elle Weekender

We loved working with Westfield & DZA Technical  to create the custom make up elements for their Elle Weekender events at Westfield shopping centres in London.
We created 2 larger then life lipstick clusters with an array of beautiful pantone  pinks and deeps reds  with a variety of sizes and a soft seating space for the perfect photo opportunity.  We also created large make up elements to be installed on to Ferris wheels  as a part of their fun make up fair concept. We used a variety of materials to achieve the project including birch ply, aluminium, EPS, Fr coating, all spray painted & decorated to the vibrant & authentic colours.

Take a look at the project below, our workshop turned into make up heaven!

CNC Routing in Cornwall & nation wide

Hope you’ve  had a great start to your week, cant believe schools are out ( or almost )  & we are approaching the end of July 2019!

I wanted  share some projects with you that  have been achievable with our CNC router since last summer

As well as working on our own projects  with CNC we also offer CNC routing  in Cornwall & nation wide

Which materials can we cut?

The materials we can cut are MDF, Plywood, Hardwood, Melamine Laminates, Solid Surface Materials, Foam core, Corrugated Plastic, Dibond, Aluminium / Soft Metals with a working area of 1300mm by 2500mm
Resolution Accuracy: 0.01mm/100mm.
Design file for cutting: We can also prepare design files for the cutting which gives our customers more possibilities and an easier route in to getting the project done. These are the supported file formats if you can provide design file DWG, DXF, EPS, AI, PDF, BMP, JPG, TIF, GI

What can we achieve, create & cut with CNC?
We can create custom panels, new patterns, bespoke signage, cut out large letters, 3d logos, elements for furniture, pre-cut the elements for our products such as the Christmas sleigh.

We can create large 3d letters suitable for both indoors & out doors. The materials used usually depend on the requirements of the project.
We can also create a custom base for the large letters. The letters are cut with accuracy & speed with our CNC router.
We create letters for marketing. special display, all events such as product launches, graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, brand awareness, window display and theatre productions.

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Contemporary light seat


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So excited to share with you one of our latest creations!

We created a bright red crystal-like outdoor light up seat  for a beautiful garden in Cornwall
The contemporary   seat is suitable for both for exterior & interior design
We can create the shape / size and colour required.
The crucial aspect of this project was to have a seamless finish with internal led lighting. 

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Christmas sleigh made in Cornwall UK


Take a look at some of the Christmas sleighs we have created so far  in our workshop in Cornwall.

The  sleighs are made out of exterior ply wood &  are painted with extremely  durable + high quality  2k / car paints

Each sleigh seats 2 to 3 people with additional spacing in the  back for presents

Design: The sleigh design is created by us and can be adapted at request

Production: All components  are CNC cut out of exterior ply wood, constructed together  by hand

Primer + a choice of 2 top coat colours.

If required the sleigh can be customised to specific colours / branding etc

The Christmas sleighs we create are a perfect photo opportunity for a magical Christmas moment.


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Exhibition prop – ROG eye


It was great to create something so unique & eye catching for an exhibition stand.

Also a pleasure to work with Maxim to create this robotic style exhibition prop.

We used a 3d printer to produce the components of the eye. Once all printed we  constructed  together  we decorated with various electronic pieces and installed the lighting.

The stand was made from fabricated aluminium. The ROG eye was used as a centre piece for our clients exhibition


Take a look at some images of the project.

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