Fluffy Clouds – Production process

Brief: We created 16 white fluffy clouds for the refurbishment of the Cadbury world cafe in Birmingham with the Atlantic group in order to help create an out door space inside. We created 10 big clouds for the seating area and 6 smaller clouds for the serving area. The clouds had to be light and durable at the same time. They were  slightly different shapes for realistic effect.

small model of cloud

small model of cloud








Prior to starting the project, we made 2 small mock-ups of the clouds varying  in style for our client to decide which shape to go for and to envision what to expect shape -wise.


production of white cloudsclouds production process


First step: Once we got the green light to proceed, we carved the clouds out of polystyrene. Once shaped and sculpted to the desired effect we had to sand of all rough surfaces to ensure the fluffiness of the clouds was with a consistent flow. After sculpting we had to fit a secure installation system ready for later.

white clouds production


white clouds production













Second step: After we shaped all the clouds and fitted the installations systems in, we coated all clouds with a fire retardant spray coating polyurethane appliacation. This coating will ensure a low maintenance and long-term durabilty for the clouds + once coated they become water-proof.
Third step: Literally minutes after coating the clouds we could start to spray paint the clouds to the desired white, once dry we applied a layer of clear coat for extra durability as a finishing touch.

white clouds productionFinal step: Once we delivered all 16 clouds at Birmingham, we installed the clouds at their destination Cadbury world cafe. For the big clouds we used stainless steel wire rope and suspended them from the ceiling securely. Then the small clouds were installed in to the ceiling of the serving area.

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