Giant stack of presents – Production Process

Brief: We were asked by our client to produce a giant stack of presents as an element in their magical Winter wonderland. The most important point besides looking visually great,  they had to be usable. Especially for children to be able to sit on, stand on next to the Christmas tree, with snow falling over for the perfect photo opportunity.

Step 1: When we create something the materials we use always depend on the usage of the project. In this instance we constructed  the present shape out of exterior plywood.


Giant stack of presents

Giant stack of presents












giant stack of presents





Step 2: Once the shape of the presents were constructed accurately, we applied a layer of hard coating polyurethane in order to make the presents waterproof and to maximize durability.




Step 3: The high tech performance of this coating allows us to get on with what we love the most, the creative side! painting and airbrush decoration, attention to detail  at this stage is crucial for great results.

First we primered the presents, once dry we applied all HQ colors and airbrushed all Christmas details! As a finish we applied clear coat.


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