Polyurea & Polyurethane Applicators



We have over 15 years experience in the application process of these coatings, in the model making and in the industrial sector. Our state of the art machinery allows us to work on or off site. We are pleased to take on small jobs as well as large. If you are looking for a fast curing, long lasting & waterproof coating, which has many advantages over fiberglass, especially in fast application time and flexibility then we can help you with finding the best solution.


Polyurea & polyurethane  is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination. as with any coating system, proper surface preparation, correct application equipment and the use of compatible primers is required.  polyurea & polyurethane are both  much more durable than paint and typically lasts much longer between maintenance cycles. polyurethane or polyurea is the clear choice when it comes to cost/performance payback and operation.

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 Hard coating Application  Service Polyurethane – Polyurea


The way we work:


We are specialized in polyurethane and polyurea model coating technique and our 15 years of experience in application guarantees you a quick reliable service with satisfaction. As well as coating our own projects we offer an application service. Read on to see how we can help you.


Polyurethane: Hard coating

Standard coating for display purposes such as letters – display models – 3d signage- sculptures. This is solid layer of coating for great results.

Extra thick layer is for items with intensive contact with people such as furniture, theme park elements, interactive items and all pieces which are used regularly.


Polyurea: Impact resistant – Flexible coating

Standard coating for models – tree bark – for giant models, industrial, for intensive contact with people.



For any off-site enquiries,  larger items, or for regular / constant flow of projects please get in touch to discuss.



The way it works & The way the items need to arrive

  • Well packed to avoid any damages before coating
  • Moisture free
  • Any smaller items ideally in high density polystyrene for better results


Option 1: You send the item, we coat on arrival and dispatch the same day or day after depending on arrival time and the size of the project.


Option 2: You can bring item /s, you can enjoy the Cornish coast while we are busy with application, within a few hours depending on the size of project + arrival time, your product will be ready to take back with you.


Option 3: Of site coating: we pack all of our machinery and prepare to bring to coating destination. This option is for very large and very specific projects. For more information and enquiries please get in touch.


Transport:  We can arrange a courier for both ways. To request an estimation let us know item details – dimensions – weight + addresses.


Please note: After coating depending on how you wish to finish your item, the application doesn’t make your product 100% ready to paint. Depending on the desired surface texture it will be 80% to 90% ready to paint.

Due to our high pressure spray system, with very small items there is a large amount of overspray.


Contact us now to directly book your hard coating application or to request a quotation. We look forward to hearing from you!


if you require more information + and wish to see samples, get in touch & we are happy to assist  you  further –  call us on 0044(0)1872271275   info@icacreation.co.uk


Image gallery featuring examples of our coating application’s onto bespoke models: