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Christmas props!

As we approach Christmas 2017 closer each day and this time it’s flying! We would like to share  some of the recent and previous  Christmas props and special displays we have created.

There’s nothing like a beautiful magical setting   that can give the festive feeling and take our breath away that  brings wonder back to  Christmas.

We have been very fortunate to  be a part of some amazing displays or have had the pleasure or creating some key props to generate a festive feeling and most of all helped create some magical photo opportunities.

Take a look below at some of the Christmassy props we have created!

We look forward to producing  many more whether  it be custom and personal or some of our popular props such as Santa’s Sleigh!

In the mean time we wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with warmth and joy!

Overs sized Chrsitmas bauble we created in royal blue
snowman and snow dog sculptures we created - Finish display by Chic Flower Design
snowman and snow dog sculptures we created – Finish display by Chic Flower Design
silver sleigh
Santa's sleigh made in Cornwall - UK
Santas sleigh with gold detail
Christmas sleigh we created for Snow factor in Scotland
Santas sleigh with gold detail
Santas sleigh National trust
Santas sleigh National trust
Santas sleigh National trust
Custom present props for special display
Bespoke Christmas Props in the making
Babybel model Frosty
Babybel model Frosty
Polystyrene shaped Panda with present
Carved out of polystyrene panda with present
Custom life size Christmas sleigh
Custom made Christmas sleigh
Custom made Santas Sleigh
Giant custom present props
Giant custom presents
Snow men family, Christmas props
Custom snowmen props
Playful penguin props, customised Christmas props
Playful penguins custom made props
Custom Present props, special display
Custom presents
Penguins - production process
Penguins - production process
custom made snowmen props
Custom made snowmen props
Airbrush spray paint services in Cornwall
Airbrush Decoration
silver sleigh
Christmas sleigh we created for Chic Flower design
Snowman prop



Bespoke Winter Wonderland Creations


Penguins - production process
Santa's ChristmasSleigh - uk production
Santas Sleigh
custom made snowmen props
Custom made snowmen props
Custom made Giant Stack of presents made out of wood
Giant stack of presents

Maybe for some people the mention of Christmas in August is too early!

But for event organizers for attractions and great organizations holding a Christmas party, for people who simply love everything about Christmas it is possibly never too early!

That’s why we are writing this blog in the summer( although it’s becoming quite cold! ) to share with you the bespoke creations we custom-made for our client during the last festive season.

We made the props to be used at Retallack  Resort & Spas Winter Wonderland here in  stunning  Cornwall.

The brief was to make props which will  help create a magical setting, but they also had to be user-friendly and by this we mean durable, friendly looking, plenty of contact with the Winter wonderland guests and children and great for a photo opportunity.

Because after all Christmas is about the children in all of us! So the items we made couldn’t be too fragile to touch or be closed off. They had  to be fun, unique and made to last.

So what did we make?

We made some playful penguins, different sized snowmen which looked like the sweetest snowmen family in town! A giant  stack of presents and we made the all important sleigh for Santa as he had to fly down to the winter wonderland to give presents to all of the children, who couldn’t wait to see him + we know he was the real Santa because we also visited and our youngest 4-year-old daughter said so!


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