CNC routing in house!

CNC cutting out letters
CNC cut large 3d logo prop
day of the dead CNC cut pattern panel
santa sleigh progress
CNC cut large 3d logo prop
Santa's Christmas sleigh
CNC routing design into table top
Westfield shopping centre Disney family room props

Take a look at some of our CNC cutting jobs

This year has been a great year for ICA Creation so far. We can’t quite believe November is in full swing with 2019 just around the corner! 
One of the major aspects & game changing moments for us this year has been the addition of our CNC router!

This has meant that we are able to do all production including CNC routing in house in Cornwall and our turnaround times are a lot faster + we have much more flexibility with the projects.
As well as CNC cutting, we are able to prepare design files for the cutting which gives our customers more possibilities and an easier route in to getting the project done.

CNC routing is a great technology which enables us to be much more innovative.

We can cerate custom panels, create bespoke signage, cut out large letters, 3d logos, elements for furniture, pre-cut the elements for our products such as the Christmas sleigh. 

Get in touch with our friendly team  to see how we can help you!


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