Custom artificial trees

Artificial Wisteria tree
Artificial Wisteria tree



We love to help create an inspiring space.


We wanted to share with you a selection of artificial trees we have created, along with artificial tree trunks and branches.
Our focus is always to for the trees  to look as realistic as possible whilst splinter free &  durability to make the props last in the fun themed environment they will be installed at.
We have created artificial trees for a variety of purposes such as tree trunks for Virgin Holidays tree house, trees for each Winnie the pooh themed family room from the Westfield  shopping centre in London, for a school library, London’s Discover story centre.

It’s all about the texture  &  attention to detail!
The real like texture is crucial to giving best visual results. The main product we use is FR polyurea which is a high-quality rubber. This coating is both water and impact resistant and is simply made to last!
Leaves or flowers, each tree has it’s own individual characteristics, we always source the right products which will fit with the concept for  the best effect, look and feel.
Most of the props we work on need to be as close to illustration as possible, we work with our designers to make sure we can make it happen.
Not mass produced!
Each tree is unique and true to our client’s request. This means that only they will have that tree to suit their themed area. Also we spray paint and hand decorate the tree trunks and branches to give a realistic and organic look for the texture
Take a look at the range of artificial trees  we have created so far, we hope you enjoy!

Or get in touch to  see how we can help you

Winnie the pooh themed element artificial tree
artificial tree
Winnie the pooh themed – Disney – Westfield shopping centre – Click here to view project
Tree trunks we crated used for Virgin holidays tree house
Dr Seuss themed interior
Dr Seuss trees
Dr Seuss themed interior
Dr Seuss trees
drift wood replica in the making
driftwood replica in the making
Drift wood replica
artificial trees for African themed tree house from Virgin Holidays
Artificial trees for African themed tree house from Virgin Holidays, commissioned by PDS
Artificial tree branches
Artificial tree texture with no bark
Artificial tree texture with no bark

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