Props for Experimental Marketing

Why use props for experimental marketing and events?


Experimental marketing with props is a great way to engage with customers & the wider community in a positive way!


Take a look at 7 reasons to use props as a tool for experimental marketing

1. Unique visual impact which is memorable
2. Fun to share images & content across social media channels whether with work colleagues or friends & family
3. Easier to track insights performance as prop encourages the use of hash tags
4. Mobility as can be taken to new event locations
5. Perfect photo opportunity
6. Helps raise brand awareness with an element of excitement
7. Helps your brand to be unique with an innovative and creative approach

Take a look at some of the projects we have created, we hope you enjoy!
Get in touch if you would like to create with us.

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Giant American Tourister suitcase we created
2.2m high American tourister replica prop we created!
We created 50 1m high top hats for Hatfield
Giant headphones
Tree trunks we crated used for Virgin holidays tree house
We created giant dinner plates for Juergen Teller ltd
Juergen Teller Custom plates
We were commissioned by PDS to create a life-size bull to be used as EE’s charging bull at the Glastonbury festival 2015! We are proud to say that we completed the bull within 1 week! Right on schedule for PDS to apply final colour finish! Although this project had a very tight time scale we enjoyed it very much!
3d replica of classic Tom's shoe
Toms shoe replica we crated to be used at their events to customise
Outdoor advertising tool - giant hand sculpture
We created an outdoor advertising tool, a giant hand. A great way to raise awareness and to create a lasting memory. Who said outdoor advertising isn’t fun!
Babybel buddie 3d models
Babybel buddie models
Giant Marmite lid carved out of polystyrene publicity stunt
Marmite car – giant Marmite lid



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