Why is FR polyurea coating great for props?

There are many techniques we use to achieve our creative projects & props.

One of the main techniques and products we use to  create  our props, sculptures, 3d logos & large letters is waterproof + extremely durable coating application of Polyurea which is a high quality rubber material

How do we apply it?


Polyurea is a manually spray applied coating using a high-pressure system with our specialist coating machine.

The amount of layers applied will depend on thickness required.

Most often we coat on to sculptures, shapes and letters carved  or CNC cut from polystyrene.

Is Prep still necessary ?

Just like anything for good results prep is crucial, sanding the surface, making sure no moisture is important.


Advantages of polyurea application?

Speed is the major advantage of this coating, after spray application the coating is dry within seconds!

Depending on how smooth you would like the finish to be there may be some sanding prep work prior to primer  application.

Once primed and fully dry the project is ready to spray paint!

This FR coating we use  is both water & impact resistant which is perfect  for the props durability and practicality.

Especially if you are looking for your props to be long lasting  and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Take a look at some of our props where polyurea has been a major factor in getting it right!

Get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can help you achieve your project

large 3d letters
large 3d letters
Oversized colourful trainers prop
large pumpkin prps
Dr Seuss themed props for Discover story centre, colourful trees, a bubble sofa, a themed white bush, cave like tunnel
Giant stack of books prop for graduation ceremony
large 3d wasp prop outdoor 3d signage
Out door 3d signage!
giant globe prop
graduation prop we created a university crest

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