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Creative 2018!

2018 has been a great year for us at ICA Creation!

This year has been both innovative & productive. Especially with the new facilities we have in house with CNC routing this has enabled extreme precision and speed.

Take a look at the diverse creative projects we have had the pleasure to work on

We started 2018 with a project which is both imaginative and inspiring.
We created Winnie the pooh themed elements for Disney’s family rooms at the Westfield shopping centre. The main focus of this project was to be as true to concept as possible whilst being practical and extremely durable.
Take a look at some images of this project we loved working on. In total we created bespoke elements for 3 rooms

Winnie the pooh themed props
Click to view images of this project


With our new CNC facilities, we are able to create large letters and 3d logos & custom panels.
Take a look at the variety of projects which have been made possible with the CNC router.

As well as cutting we can prepare a design file for the CNC router

Large 3d letters graduation prop #stirgrad
CNC cut large 3d logo prop
day of the dead CNC cut pattern panel

Autumn of 2018  brought an exciting project of Creating a 5m in diameter PACMAN exhibition stand for Namco Bandai which was exhibited at the brand licencing Europe 2018 in London’s Olympia exhibition centre

PAC-MAN – Custom exhibition stand

Custom build Pacman exhibiton stand
Custom build Pacman exhibiton stand
Custom build Pacman exhibiton stand
Custom build Pacman exhibiton stand
Custom build Pacman exhibiton stand
Custom exhibition build PacMan


We also created elements for DaVinci’s gourmet ‘s exhibition stand. We created a pouring liquid effect of their sauce.

Liquid effect exhibition prop




Scaled up 3d replicas!

This year we created a variety of exciting props!

A 1.20m high replica of a holesaw to use at the manufacturer’s exhibition
Large trainer props to help raise awareness, a sparkly red and gold top hat to be used as a prop alongside a performance.   We worked with a school to create an artificial Wisteria tree to help create an inspiring space in their library.

Custom top hat prop we created
800mm high Holesaw!
Oversized colourful trainers prop
Life size models of Shrek and Donkey
Santa's Christmas sleigh
Artificial Wisteria tree


We started the Winter 2018  in a great way, creating some festive props such as the red and gold sleigh,  we also had the pleasure of creating the amazing characters Shrek & Donkey to be used at creative displays.

A big thankyou for sharing 2018 with us.

We wish you an absolutely  amazing new year!

We look forward to an incredible 2019!




Why is FR polyurea coating great for props?

There are many techniques we use to achieve our creative projects & props.

One of the main techniques and products we use to  create  our props, sculptures, 3d logos & large letters is waterproof + extremely durable coating application of Polyurea which is a high quality rubber material

How do we apply it?


Polyurea is a manually spray applied coating using a high-pressure system with our specialist coating machine.

The amount of layers applied will depend on thickness required.

Most often we coat on to sculptures, shapes and letters carved  or CNC cut from polystyrene.

Is Prep still necessary ?

Just like anything for good results prep is crucial, sanding the surface, making sure no moisture is important.


Advantages of polyurea application?

Speed is the major advantage of this coating, after spray application the coating is dry within seconds!

Depending on how smooth you would like the finish to be there may be some sanding prep work prior to primer  application.

Once primed and fully dry the project is ready to spray paint!

This FR coating we use  is both water & impact resistant which is perfect  for the props durability and practicality.

Especially if you are looking for your props to be long lasting  and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Take a look at some of our props where polyurea has been a major factor in getting it right!

Get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can help you achieve your project

large 3d letters
large 3d letters
Oversized colourful trainers prop
large pumpkin prps
Dr Seuss themed props for Discover story centre, colourful trees, a bubble sofa, a themed white bush, cave like tunnel
Giant stack of books prop for graduation ceremony
large 3d wasp prop outdoor 3d signage
Out door 3d signage!
giant globe prop
graduation prop we created a university crest

Christmas props!

As we approach Christmas 2017 closer each day and this time it’s flying! We would like to share  some of the recent and previous  Christmas props and special displays we have created.

There’s nothing like a beautiful magical setting   that can give the festive feeling and take our breath away that  brings wonder back to  Christmas.

We have been very fortunate to  be a part of some amazing displays or have had the pleasure or creating some key props to generate a festive feeling and most of all helped create some magical photo opportunities.

Take a look below at some of the Christmassy props we have created!

We look forward to producing  many more whether  it be custom and personal or some of our popular props such as Santa’s Sleigh!

In the mean time we wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with warmth and joy!

Overs sized Chrsitmas bauble we created in royal blue
snowman and snow dog sculptures we created - Finish display by Chic Flower Design
snowman and snow dog sculptures we created – Finish display by Chic Flower Design
silver sleigh
Santa's sleigh made in Cornwall - UK
Santas sleigh with gold detail
Christmas sleigh we created for Snow factor in Scotland
Santas sleigh with gold detail
Santas sleigh National trust
Santas sleigh National trust
Santas sleigh National trust
Custom present props for special display
Bespoke Christmas Props in the making
Babybel model Frosty
Babybel model Frosty
Polystyrene shaped Panda with present
Carved out of polystyrene panda with present
Custom life size Christmas sleigh
Custom made Christmas sleigh
Custom made Santas Sleigh
Giant custom present props
Giant custom presents
Snow men family, Christmas props
Custom snowmen props
Playful penguin props, customised Christmas props
Playful penguins custom made props
Custom Present props, special display
Custom presents
Penguins - production process
Penguins - production process
custom made snowmen props
Custom made snowmen props
Airbrush spray paint services in Cornwall
Airbrush Decoration
silver sleigh
Christmas sleigh we created for Chic Flower design
Snowman prop



Gargoyle sculpture

We worked with Studio  Tac to create the unique  sculpture to be used as a feature element for the touring Gorillaz band

The sculpture was hand carved based form various image references supplied to us by Studio Tac together with some creative freedom to sculpt.

We used high density PU foam to carve as this allows for more in depth detail for the sculpture measuring at 800mm high inc base.

The sculpture was then coated with FR polyurea in order to create a water and impact resistant surface. Once coated the sculpture was spray painted and decorated ready to go on tour! We also created a custom case for the sculpture to keep it stored safely + practical  transport. Have a look below at some images!

Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz
Gargoyle sculpture we created for Gorillaz

Dr Seuss concept – Discover story centre


It was great to work on an inspiring project brought by Discover London’s story centre

We were commissioned by Discover to create Dr Seuss themed elements.

The elements had to be as close as possible to the illustrations of the iconic DR Seuss, bright imaginative and quirky whilst being hardwearing +  practical.

Have a look below to see what we  created!

We created a Dr Seuss car
We were commissioned by Discover story centre in London to transform an adult tricycle in to the fun and interactive Dr Seuss car from his book The cat in the hat. Discover supplied us with the adult tricycle ready to transform. The main body of the car was carved from EPS, made in 2 sections, coated with fr polyurea which is water + impact resistant and spray painted to required colour. The cars various components were created using a combination of materials and a variety of techniques such as carving, welding, spray painting, coating to achieve final interactive and fun result! When transforming the bike we had to keep as close as possible to the original concept of the Dr Seuss illustration whilst making sure it would be durable and practical. The car is fully usable and the main body is removable for ease of transport etc. We cant wait to see the fun bike in action at events, It will be amazing to see the dr Seuss car out and about making people smile!

Dr Seuss themed interiorDr Seuss themed interiorIMG_5234


We created 4 colourful trees, each with an individual tree top shape. The trees were made from an internal aluminium structure for extra durability with an aluminium base. The outer material is polystyrene which was hand carved, coated with FR polyurea to ensure the trees are to be water proof + durable and impact resistant. All trees were then primed and spray painted with a  top coat to required colour number.

Bespoke sofa
We created a bright  and unique sofa. Carved from polystyrene and coated with polyuria, soft foam sitting section also coated with FR Polyurea for lasting durability.











The cave like tunnel!




We created the tunnel to fit perfectly the interior space of the story centre.

The tunnel had to be made in several sections as it had to fit through a standard size entrance.

The tunnel was hand carved out of EPS, coated with FR polyurea, primed ,  spray painted and decorated to finish.

Have a look at some links below to see our creations in place and the wonderfull world of Dr Seuss in action at London’s story centre:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv4jLTK9ECI http://www.babydaytripper.co.uk/the-fantastic-world-of-dr-seuss-discover-childrens-story-centre-2/





Splash of colour to your spring 2016!

With our days filling up with sunshine in beautiful Cornwall we can feel the  spring fast approaching!

Spring is a wonderful sense of beginning of nature blossoming, and as the weather gets warmer we all look forward to new sensations with vibrant colours, that’s  why we wanted to share with you some of our colourful projects which we have been lucky enough to create!

We spray paint with high quality lacquers, we also use  the airbrush technique for more detailed pieces.

We can achieve a range of finishes and textures including smooth, matt, high gloss and when required a rough texture as realistic as possible.We can spray paint with metallic paint + clear coat for an extra shine, we  use Pantone, RAL and metallic colour numbers  to our clients spec for great results, the paints we use are weather proof and are made to last.

So whether a project requires a classic one colour  finish or contemporary /  smooth and glossy or just bursting with colours with high detail, we love to make that happen in the best way possible for a great visual impact with quality results.

We are always happy to advise  on the most practical options.

We are currently in the process of testing with our paint supplier for a range of water based colours and soon will introduce this option to our clients  as  still a durable option but more environmental friendly.

Have a look at some images of our projects which include props, sculptures, special display, art installations and experimental marketing elements! Enjoy the colours!


Bespoke window display
Linda Farrow bespoke elements
artificial trees for African themed tree house from Virgin Holidays
Artificial trees for African themed tree house from Virgin Holidays, commissioned by PDS
Artificial tree texture with no bark
Artificial tree texture with no bark
Life-size quirky pink bull project
3d giant Cornish pasty signage
3d pasty signage
External 3d panel - wavy pattern
Bespoke 3d wall panel, network pattern
Bespoke 3d wall panel, network pattern
interactive puzzle oildrum - custom prop
giant custom dragons - scenic elements
Giant dragons – Scenic elements
Giant props at play fest 2015
Custom present props for special display
Bespoke Christmas Props in the making
Giant tulips
Giant Tulips spray painted
Giant Tulips spray painted
giant popcorn model
Bespoke garden furniture table and bench
Roots effect table & bench
"Elsa" scaled up model from disney character Frozen
“Elsa” scaled up 3d model from disney character Frozen
Babybel model Frosty
Babybel model Frosty
Buddie models in the making
Buddie 3d models in the making
Giant custom present props
Giant custom presents
Giant enchanted book, wood effect airbrush decoration
Giant book, enchanted wood effect
Buzz light year 3d Model
Scaled up model – Buzz light year
Life size Dragon 3d model
interactive puzzle - oil drum
Giant hand artistic prop carved out of polystyrene
Giant hand prop or surreal signage
We were commissioned by Retallack Resort & Spa to create playful penguins for their winter wonderland
Custom made Santas Sleigh

Sculpting & creating 2015

As we have entered the festive season  with Christmas on it’s way & a new year approaching we’d like you take a look back with us on 2015 to embrace the great moments.

2015 has been filled with great commissions, sculptures, installations all bespoke elements we have created.

This year has been an innovative year through out with great development of  manufacturing processes with new products in the pipeline.

Take a look at some of our highlights this year, exciting projects which we are proud to have been a part of!


January                                                                 February                                                                   March

Finished project installed at destination in Candy Cloud - Dublin Airport
We started 2015 in a great fashion, creating giant and sweet replicas of meringues and popcorn, the project was installed at Dublin airport in the new confectionary themed Candy cloud!
"Elsa" scaled up model from disney character Frozen
We were commissioned to create “Elsa” scaled up model from Disney’s Frozen! based on miniature figurine. This project certainly brought some magic & the wonder of Winter to our workshop!
Polystyrene clouds hand crafted
We created polystyrene clouds hand crafted for the ‘Let it rain champagne ‘ event in Manchester. Each cloud individually carved for a realistic effect!

April                                                                            May                                                              June

Hand carved giant Toms shoe prop 3d model
We were commissioned by Toms shoe to create a giant version of their classic Tom’s shoe to use at their creative customize your sole events across the UK!
Giant Tulips
We were commissioned to coat and spray paint giant Dutch tulips for an installation in the Netherlands. We coated the supplied tulips with polyurea coating. Primed and spray painted each one to a vibrant natural color!
We were commissioned by PDS to create a life-size bull to be used as EE’s charging bull at the Glastonbury festival 2015! We are proud to say that we completed the bull within 1 week! Right on schedule for PDS to apply final colour finish! Although this project had a very tight time scale we enjoyed it very much!

July                                                                          August                                                              September

We created 11 1m freestanding light up numbers for our client in Surrey. All numbers have a great vintage effect with led fairground light bulbs. All numbers are wireless as they powered with high capacity batteries. The numbers would add the wow factor to any event whether private or corporate!
We created 60 Custom 3d panels made in the UK
We were commissioned to create 60 bespoke panels, with cubed and varying effect to be installed at the Lake side restaurant and bar from NEC the Genting arena.We manufactured the bespoke 60 panels within an extremely tight schedule, within 3 weeks!
Outdoor advertising tool - giant hand sculpture
We created an outdoor advertising tool, a giant hand. A great way to raise awareness and to create a lasting memory. Who said outdoor advertising isn’t fun!

October                                                                   November                                                              December


External 3d panel - wavy pattern
We have developed and created a manufacturing system to produce slate imitation panels called Slate Mate, to be fully launched early 2016! Watch this space!
unique furniture design
As we are passionate about unique design we are looking into developing another exciting element to our business. We will be creating a range of furniture designs suitable for the outdoors, using a combination of materials. In the mean time we are busy creating more light up letters and an exciting project to be revealed soon!

Hope you enjoyed browsing through as much as we enjoy creating!
We look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring!

In the mean time best wishes for  the festive season and we shall see you soon!

If you have any enquiries and would like to create with us get in touch & we are always happy to help.

Outdoor advertising can be fun!

Outdoor advertising tool - giant hand
Outdoor advertising tool – giant hand


Recently we have created a great ‘artvertising’ tool measuring at 5m in length!

The idea behind the concept was to create a giant surreal item and to combine advertising in a unique and fun way.

The giant hand had to be proportional! whilst being weather proof and most importantly safely installed  on to our 6m trailer.

Hand carved, coated with polyurea and airbrushed to create a realistic effect.

What ever you wish to publicize, spread the word for your event, raise awareness with our giant hand you will be sure to be noticed and to not be forgotten. Create a great talking point and advertise with us. For more details and to book get in touch info@ica-creation.sps-creativedesign.co.uk

Giant sculpture art installation

Giant bust sculpture, first stage sculpting
Giant bust sculpture, first stage sculpting
Giant bust sculpture first stage sculpting
First step, cutting out and gluing together, sculpting main shape of head proportionally
Giant bust sculpture, first stage sculpting
Giant bust sculpture, first stage sculpting
Giant bust sculpture, first stage sculpting
Giant bust sculpture, first stage sculpting

We are currently working on an exciting giant sculpture.

Right now we are at the first stage of  and are sculpting on the giant head which is 2.4m in height.

The finished sculpture will be the total height of 5m!

The finish will be volakas marble.

The location of this art installation to be revealed!

We will keep you updated of his progress with images from our workshop on our news feed here, facebook, twitter and instagram.

It would be great to hear what you think and   how this art installation would inspire you?



Elsa from Frozen, scaled up model in the making!

Check out images of how we  scaled up a miniature  version of Elsa, to create a life size model measuring at 1.50m in height!

First step was to accurately measure the miniature model. We cut the main shape out of High density polystyrene. We carved the model according to images + miniature model. We positioned her head more up right in order to create better photo opportunity for the future.

polystyrene sculpture - Elsa in the making



Because of her posture, we fitted a stainless steel pin in to her arm. After sanding all imperfections, we spray applied FR hard coating polyurethane. This high tech application will ensure the model will be durable and waterproof.

As we felt that her hand was slightly too big and bulky after hard coating, we made some modifications to her hand. We scaled the hand down, fitted a stainless steel pin in her finger to give strength to the more delicate looking hand!

The next stage, painting and airbrush decoration!

After sanding the model for a smooth texture, we painted and airbrushed the model with HQ 2K Paints. Added some shading to her hair to give it some more depth and texture. We also lightly airbrushed her skin, to make her look more natural!


"Elsa" scaled up model from disney character Frozen
“Elsa” scaled up model from disney’s Frozen

In the making, Elsa's hair

Disney character Elsa from Frozen - Snowflakes
Disney character Elsa from Frozen – Snowflakes
Scaled up model of Elsa from  Disney's Frozen
Close up shot of the finished model

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