Sculpting & creating 2015

As we have entered the festive season  with Christmas on it’s way & a new year approaching we’d like you take a look back with us on 2015 to embrace the great moments.

2015 has been filled with great commissions, sculptures, installations all bespoke elements we have created.

This year has been an innovative year through out with great development of  manufacturing processes with new products in the pipeline.

Take a look at some of our highlights this year, exciting projects which we are proud to have been a part of!


January                                                                 February                                                                   March

Finished project installed at destination in Candy Cloud - Dublin Airport
We started 2015 in a great fashion, creating giant and sweet replicas of meringues and popcorn, the project was installed at Dublin airport in the new confectionary themed Candy cloud!
"Elsa" scaled up model from disney character Frozen
We were commissioned to create “Elsa” scaled up model from Disney’s Frozen! based on miniature figurine. This project certainly brought some magic & the wonder of Winter to our workshop!
Polystyrene clouds hand crafted
We created polystyrene clouds hand crafted for the ‘Let it rain champagne ‘ event in Manchester. Each cloud individually carved for a realistic effect!

April                                                                            May                                                              June

Hand carved giant Toms shoe prop 3d model
We were commissioned by Toms shoe to create a giant version of their classic Tom’s shoe to use at their creative customize your sole events across the UK!
Giant Tulips
We were commissioned to coat and spray paint giant Dutch tulips for an installation in the Netherlands. We coated the supplied tulips with polyurea coating. Primed and spray painted each one to a vibrant natural color!
We were commissioned by PDS to create a life-size bull to be used as EE’s charging bull at the Glastonbury festival 2015! We are proud to say that we completed the bull within 1 week! Right on schedule for PDS to apply final colour finish! Although this project had a very tight time scale we enjoyed it very much!

July                                                                          August                                                              September

We created 11 1m freestanding light up numbers for our client in Surrey. All numbers have a great vintage effect with led fairground light bulbs. All numbers are wireless as they powered with high capacity batteries. The numbers would add the wow factor to any event whether private or corporate!
We created 60 Custom 3d panels made in the UK
We were commissioned to create 60 bespoke panels, with cubed and varying effect to be installed at the Lake side restaurant and bar from NEC the Genting arena.We manufactured the bespoke 60 panels within an extremely tight schedule, within 3 weeks!
Outdoor advertising tool - giant hand sculpture
We created an outdoor advertising tool, a giant hand. A great way to raise awareness and to create a lasting memory. Who said outdoor advertising isn’t fun!

October                                                                   November                                                              December


External 3d panel - wavy pattern
We have developed and created a manufacturing system to produce slate imitation panels called Slate Mate, to be fully launched early 2016! Watch this space!
unique furniture design
As we are passionate about unique design we are looking into developing another exciting element to our business. We will be creating a range of furniture designs suitable for the outdoors, using a combination of materials. In the mean time we are busy creating more light up letters and an exciting project to be revealed soon!

Hope you enjoyed browsing through as much as we enjoy creating!
We look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring!

In the mean time best wishes for  the festive season and we shall see you soon!

If you have any enquiries and would like to create with us get in touch & we are always happy to help.

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